Feeding Great Ideas

So many ideas start as conversational “what ifs” and illegible notes scratched down on cocktail napkins after a night out with friends... Replace the cocktail napkin with a dinner napkin and the birth of Recipost isn’t too far off.

Friends Jess and Katie, two young and hungry entrepreneurs (pun intended), were having dinner one night—a creation Katie made for her food blog—when the MBA in Jess came to the table. As they were eating and deciding which photo to use with the recipe post, Jess started to think about how Katie could do more with her food blog project. They started brainstorming, and as they poured more wine and started talking, the ideas started pouring out too. Soon their placemats were replaced with notepads and the base for Recipost was born.

Combining the convenient concept of boxed meals, with the popularity of everything culinary, proliferation of social media, and technology’s impact on how people shop, Jess and Katie asked, “why can’t I just click on a recipe and get this stuff delivered?” Since there wasn’t a way to do this, they decided to make one.

Using their connections in Dallas and across the country, they partnered with a team of developers, rolled up their sleeves and got cooking. After many late nights and working dinners, we’re now up and running. Our goal is to help people learn how to cook what they want, all conveniently, affordably and in a fun way.

So, whether you’re a blogger or just a hungry foodie, we hope you enjoy Recipost.