Chicken Sausage Skillet

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Description: Ever used broccoli slaw in place of noodles? I bet after reading this you will! High in filling fiber without the calories of traditional pasta. Try this skillet dish tonight; it will not disappoint.
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Serves: 4
Time: 40 minutes (20 m prep, 20 m cook)

(Ingredients and measurements subject to availability)

  1. ½ yellow onion, diced
  2. 1 jalapeno, diced
  3. 2 zucchini, diced
  4. 1 bell pepper, diced
  5. 1 package broccoli slaw
  6. 3 (pre-cooked) chicken sausages, sliced
  7. 8 oz can tomato sauce
  8. 1 c mushrooms, diced
  9. 1/3 c feta cheese
  10. Garlic powder
  11. Oregano
  12. Basil
  13. Red pepper flakes
  14. 1 Tbsp olive oil*

*Not provided:
Olive Oil

Pan with lid


  1. Saute onion and jalapeno pepper in olive oil over medium heat until soft, about 5 minutes.
  2. Add in the zucchini, bell pepper, mushrooms and continue cooking until soft.
  3. In separate pan, add broccoli slaw and a splash of water. Cover pan and cook on medium heat until steamed.
  4. Add in tomato sauce, sausage and spices.
  5. Stir slaw into onion, sausage mix. Top with feta cheese. EAT!

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